Salmon Run Maps

Spawning Grounds

spawning grounds

Spawning Grounds is one of the very first maps you are introduced to when beginning the game. The map isn't that special, and the layout is pretty basic. Overall, there's nothing much that this map offers, other than bridges and a few docks.

Special Mechanic:
No defining special mechanics on the stage.

Marooner's Bay

marooner's bay

Marooner's Bay is a little interesting in terms of level design. This stage features a ship-like structure, which offers 2 distinct levels in terms of height. Overall, it's pretty interesting to play on, and makes for an interesting playstyle.

Special Mechanic:
- 2 propellor "elevators" that lift you up when the propellor is shot at
- 2 distinct levels or elevation

Lost Outpost

lost outpost

The Lost Outpost is pretty much similar to the Spawning Grounds, except less interesting, smaller, and harder to navigate on some parts of the map. The photo hides it, but there is an entire part of the map which is just a grate, making it hard to regenerate in, and harder to get away from certain enemies. It also features multiple docks, but other than that, again, there's nothing too special about it.

Special Mechanic:
- No defining special mechanics on the stage.

Salmonid Smokeyard


Salmonid Smokeyard is pretty great, and for a few reasons. The sky is a beautiful color, and not just an orange sunset, and also map design is pretty nice. The map isn't too small, or too big. Lastly, the mechanic of this stage makes it a lot easier to move from one side of the stage to the other.

Special Mechanic:
- 2 propellor platforms that transport from one side to the other with a propeller

Ruins of the Ark Polaris

ruins of ark polaris

Ruins of the Ark Polaris is one of the hardest stages, if not the hardest one out of the entire list. This stage is a huge tower that you can climb up, via swimming up the walls, or using the ink rails (the little lines you can see in the photo) that take you all the way the top (also note that not all take you all the way up there, because it might just lead you to another one about halfway.

Special Mechanic:
- Ride Rails that take you to the top (well, most anyways)

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